Shipping & Returns

How Long Does It Take To Process My Order?

Generally orders are shipped 1-3 days from the time that the funds become good.
During peak volume periods, shipping may extend to 3-10 business days. Some orders may require additional processing time due to their content.
Examples of this would be large coin lists or complete sets that take time to be put together correctly. To prevent processing delays, be sure to provide your card holder name, billing address and
telephone number, exactly as they are listed with your card issuer. Please call us if you have special shipping needs.

How Is My Package Shipped?

All packages are shipped via USPS insured mail and are insured for their FULL VALUE.
Packages under $100 are sent via First Class Mail. Packages from $100 – $2000 are sent via Priority Mail. Packages of higher value will be sent Registered Mail.

Will I Receive Tracking Info?

Yes, once your order is shipped you will receive notification including your USPS tracking information.

What Are Your Shipping Charges?

To check the status of your existing order visit the Order Status section and enter your order number.
Most packages shipped via USPS and are insured for their full value. Packages must be signed for. The USPS will attempt to deliver items up to three times
before returning them to Hamilton Asset Management. All orders are shipped via First Class Mail/Priority Mail. Oversize or Heavy items will be shipped via UPS Ground
If your order total is greater than $2000 then orders are sent via Fed Ex.

NOTE: Shipping charges are added when you complete the check out process.
Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Generally, we operate on a good faith policy. Once you have been issued a confirmation number, all prices are locked-in whether buying from us or selling to us.
A credit cards number may be asked for before issuing a confirmation number. This usually applies to Bullion-related sales.
Should you elect to cancel your order, you must do so during normal business hours.
All cancellations are subject to our market loss policy plus a $35.00 cancellation fee.
You must call us to cancel an order. At that time, if any market loss to us has occurred, it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 cancellation fee.
Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of Hamilton Asset Management.

Ordering Policies And Procedures

Online Security

Hamilton Asset Management takes the security of your contact and financial information seriously.
Our system is based on a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standard and, if you are using an SSL-compliant browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, your
transactions are fully protected and all of your information is securely encrypted as it travels across the internet. All data we store is protected against unauthorized
access from internal and external sources.

Fully Insured Shipment of Your Items

Orders from Hamilton Asset Management are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, USPS Registered and insured, UPS and Federal Express and require signatures upon receipt.
The average travel time is 3-10 business days. We retain the package’s tracking number and can only use it for tracking purposes if you have not received the package within 15 days of the date it was shipped.
Hamilton Asset Management fully insures all of its packages. Should anything happen to your package while in transit, it will be covered by our insurance policy and it becomes our responsibility to file a claim.
However, we cannot accept responsibility if you have given the carrier instruction to leave the packages unattended, or with anyone but yourself. If anything happens to your package in such a circumstance, it will not be covered by our insurance.
Once that insurance claim is filed, we will either re-ship same(or similar) items to you or refund your money.