2012 Grove Minting Commemorative Proof of the 1854 Flying Eagle Cent


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2012 Commemorative of the 1854 Flying Eagle Pattern Cent. This token is Proof Struck in copper alloy, weighing 11 grams (or slightly more than 1/3 a Troy  Ounce) at 25mm wide, and twice the thickness of a US Quarter.

The obverse of this token is modeled after the prototype 1854 Flying Eagle cent, and features the hook-necked flying eagle design surrounded by thirteen stars. The eagle is flying slightly upward, similar to the Christian Gobrecht/Titian Peale flying eagle design for the Gobrecht dollars. These initial prototypes were about the size of a US Quarter, but later modified for production, circulating in the US from 1856 to 1858 and ultimately having a similar diameter of the cent’s of today. Our design represents the earlier pattern cent, in both the art and size.

The reverse features the Grove Shield of Arms, the Lion and Anchor.

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25mm wide


11 grams